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Location:Doylestown, PA
Salary:$500-$800 per week! Paid Vacation, Paid Holidays, Paid Sick Days!
Benefits:Paid Holidays; Paid Sick Days
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Agencies: Find A Nanny

Who are the Employers?
NannyJobs is only available to household placement agencies in the United States who assist families looking for childcare or other household help and to caregivers and other household employees looking for families.

Who are the Nanny Agencies?
The agencies that are listed on NannyJobs are agencies that refer GTM Household Employment Experts EasyPay™ payroll service to their clients.

Since finding household help can be very difficult and timely, placement agency professionals have always played a big part in assessing families’ needs and matching them with an appropriate referenced and background screened candidate. Many families use agencies to help alleviate safety concerns when looking for a caregiver to take care of their loved ones or work in their home.

The agencies found on NannyJobs.com have a referral relationship with GTM Household Employment Experts household payroll service, the sponsor of NannyJobs.com. Families must comply with Federal and State Tax laws when employing a nanny and GTM's EasyPay service simplifies the timely and complicated process for families.

The agencies found on NannyJobs.com demonstrate their seriousness and thoroughness by referring EasyPay to you as an employer. Typically they are thorough in all other aspects of their service. But just like anything else you should always do you own due diligence in selecting an agency to help you find the most important person you will ever hire, your household employee.

Who is GTM Household Employment Experts?
GTM Household Employment Experts is the sponsor of nannyjobs.com and is the payroll service recommended by these agencies to the families they help find employees. GTM’s services include direct deposit and electronic tax filing services. The GTM web site is located at http://www.gtm.com

Nannies: Find A Job

How do I use NannyJobs.com?
You may create a resume for yourself and then view the advertised jobs. Once you find a job you like, simply apply for the job. An e-mail with your resume will be sent to the agency with that job and a confirmation e-mail will be returned to you. The agency will review your information and contact you if appropriate.

Who are the Employers?
NannyJobs is only available to nanny agencies in the United States whom assist families looking for a nanny and nannies looking for families.  Families may also search NannyJobs.com and view parts of your information. (Not your name or contact information) Families will be directed to agencies you sent your resume to.

Who are the Nanny Agencies?
The Agencies who are listed on NannyJobs are agencies whom refer GTM EasyPay® payroll service to their clients.