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Location:Doylestown, PA
Salary:$500-$800 per week! Paid Vacation, Paid Holidays, Paid Sick Days!
Benefits:Paid Holidays; Paid Sick Days
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About Us

NannyJobs Software Services LLC, the leading provider of software for the household employment industry, presents NannyJobs.com™ and NannyJobs PRO™.

NannyJobs is available exclusively to household placement agencies in the United States that assist families looking for childcare or other household help, and to caregivers and other household employees looking for families. Unlike other online sites that connect families with caregivers, bypassing the need for an agency, NannyJobs.com connects household placement agencies with families.

NannyJobs PRO™ is a strategic business tool for agencies to deliver more qualified and quality placements to more clients, in a practical and efficient manner. This software streamlines back-office processes, increases bottom line profits, and builds fruitful referrals for the future.