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Position:Executive Assistant
Location:New York, NY
Salary:Manhattan Business man seeks an experienced, professional and mature Executive Assistant to work primarily with the Estate Manager. Client lives extremely busy and this is an opportunity for an experienced EA to work in an office environment.
Benefits:Paid Vacation; Paid Holidays; Paid Sick Days; Medical Insurance; Dental Insurance; Retirement Plan
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How do I use NannyJobs.com?
You may create a resume for yourself and then view the advertised jobs. Once you find a job you like, simply apply for the job. An e-mail with your resume will be sent to the agency with that job and a confirmation e-mail will be returned to you. The agency will review your information and contact you if appropriate.

Who are the Employers?
NannyJobs is only available to nanny agencies in the United States whom assist families looking for a nanny and nannies looking for families.  Families may also search NannyJobs.com and view parts of your information. (Not your name or contact information) Families will be directed to agencies you sent your resume to.

Who are the Nanny Agencies?
The Agencies who are listed on NannyJobs are agencies whom refer GTM EasyPay® payroll service to their clients.